North American grocery retail trends for 2024

January 14
12:10 pm12:40 pm
Javits North, Level 4, Firework Stage

Having responded with innovation and agility to the headwinds of the last three years, how will North American grocers deal with the continued fallout, now exacerbated by inflation and geopolitical uncertainty? Will the current dynamics that have seen a squeeze on growth capital, a surge in private label, higher slotting fees, and stagnant labor growth, have a long-term impact. And how will grocers respond?

In this session, Sucharita Kodali, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester Research examines the market trends and speaks to Yael Cosset Chief Information Officer at Kroger about the landscape for 2024.

Yael Cosset

Yael Cosset

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Senior Vice President (SVP)
The Kroger Co.