Lower prices, higher quality: Discovering the hidden potential in store execution

January 16
9:15 am9:45 am
Expo, Level 1, Expo Stage 1
Today's consumers want low prices, but they don't want to sacrifice quality in-stores. In order for retail teams to meet both of these consumer preferences simultaneously, they must find ways to improve efficiencies at the store-floor level. By optimizing unglamorous routine processes such as shelf replenishment, item management/ordering, and store tasking, across multiple locations, retail leaders can capture incremental sales and uncover significant cost savings that enable more competitive pricing - without compromising on quality. Join Save a Lot and Movista for this eye-opening discussion around in-store execution and its emerging technological breakthroughs. 
Mark Kotcher

Mark Kotcher

Senior Vice President, Field Sales & Marketing
Save A Lot

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