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Learn how Gap, Chloe and Zappos bring out the brand ambassador in every member of staff

Monday, January 13
Learn how Gap, Chloe and Zappos bring out the brand ambassador in every member of staff

You could have the best strategy, product or website in the market; but without passionate, knowledgeable and motivated colleagues, you'll go nowhere. And there's also the fact that your customers want everything, right now and at the cheapest price.

The industry's current modus operandi of making remarkable products available anytime, anywhere to just about anybody has plenty of advantages, but delivering a memorable experience to your targeted segment? That's probably not priority number one.

It's understandable; tech and innovation are synonymous with perceived value and relevancy. But, as the customer journey becomes more disjointed with the wealth of channels now utilized, it's more challenging for brands to understand how they can deliver a memorable experience, the impact of how internal talent can drive value and relevancy is often underestimated and overlooked.

This is particularly true in a retail context; with many brands having a limited understanding of the return on investment of their CX spend and if/how it has positively influenced customer behavior.

The answer? Empower your talent and allow them to connect with consumers on a deeper, personal level, of course using tech and innovation to enable all of this.

In this session, we'll speak with the leading brands in this space to understand how they ensure their talent is the foundation for growth; whether that be best-in-class customer experiences, building globally renowned internal capabilities or being the organization whose talent everyone wants to hire.

Jake Knowles
Senior Retail Consultant
Alex Genov
Manager of Research, User Experience
Alexa Geovanos
Brand President, North and South America
Heidi K Isern
Sr. Director, Customer Experience Innovation
Gap Inc.