The journey ahead – Generative AI in retail: Empowering team members and supporting customers like never before

January 15
2:00 pm2:30 pm
River Pavilion, goTRG Stage
Tractor Supply Company is embracing real-time Generative AI to transform the customer experience by investing time, research and resources to enable voice and text natural language capabilities. It’s easier – and faster – to talk rather than type; and when team members need product knowledge and expertise to better serve customers, they need it now. Tractor Supply Company also plans to use Generative AI to support other initiatives such as online orders, curbside pickup, inventory management, task automation and more. In this session, Tractor Supply Company will discuss why Generative AI is the future and the path they are taking to get there. The company will also look at SOTI’s role in supporting these enhancements, ranging from deploying this game-changing technology to providing detailed intelligence on how it’s being used. This powerful partnership allows Tractor Supply Company to accelerate its Life Out Here strategy and move it towards the future of mobility in retail.
Glenn Allison

Glenn Allison

Vice President, Customer Facing Applications Development
Tractor Supply Company
Shash Anand

Shash Anand

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

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