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Impact at scale: Leading in prosperous yet uncertain economic times

Monday, January 14
Qualtrics Theatre, Level 1
Impact at scale: Leading in prosperous yet uncertain economic times

Please note, this session is only open to pen and paper members of press. No recording is allowed.

Retail’s powerful impact on gross domestic product, both domestic and international, is undisputed and influenced by multiple factors. Similarly, innovation and Big Tech has placed its stamp on economic policy, impacting global retail businesses and consumers alike. Hear from two top experts – former Federal Reserve Chair, Dr. Janet Yellen, and Recode’s Co-founder Kara Swisher – who will share their insights and analysis on how retail leaders can navigate a global economic environment that has largely prospered from a resurgent retail industry, but also faces uncertainty following macro-economic policy shifts such as tariffs and Brexit, privacy challenges, and the dominant role of technology in business practices. Led by CNBC’s senior economic reporter Steve Liesman, this conversation will highlight retail’s future in light of the many challenges and opportunities presented by the current global socio-economic landscape.

Overflow seating available in Hall E, Level 1.

Steve Liesman
Senior Economics Reporter
Kara Swisher
Host, Recode Decode Podcast; Contributor, New York Times; Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large
Janet L. Yellen
Former Chair, Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System