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Going the extra mile: Technological innovations in last-mile delivery

Tuesday, January 14
Shyft Stage, Level 4
Going the extra mile: Technological innovations in last-mile delivery

Consumers now expect that every retailer, both online and offline, will meet their exceeded levels of speed and service when it comes to delivery and fulfillment, and companies are struggling to keep up. Traditional supply chain relationships and models are not built for the flexibility and responsiveness required to meet these heightened demands.

In this session, Laura Scott, COO of Takeoff Technologies, will share how Takeoff is using automation to help grocers crack the code of ecommerce and make it profitable. Their robotic micro-fulfillment centers can fulfill orders in as little as 5 minutes and, because they take up less than ⅛ the footprint of a traditional store, they can be situated closer to the customer, drastically lowering the last-mile costs. 

Dr. Hui Cheng, head of’s JDX Silicon Valley Research Center, will talk about how China's largest retailer applies technologies such as AI and big data to multiple application scenarios, and is now opening up its capabilities to third parties. JD is pioneering autonomous delivery robots and building smart delivery stations in several cities in China to make last mile delivery more efficient and to maintain same- or next-day delivery for about 90% of its orders across China using the company’s self-operated logistics network.

Curated in collaboration with:

Hui Cheng
Head of JDX Silicon Valley Research Center
Laura Scott
Chief Operating Officer
Takeoff Technologies