The future of last mile delivery: Leading the way with drone technology

January 15
1:00 pm1:30 pm
River Pavilion, goTRG Stage
We all know it: the last mile of retail delivery is the most complex. The costs are untenable, roads are increasingly congested, and inefficiencies plague both the customer experience and the retailer’s bottom line. At the same time, customers expect increasing immediacy and convenience in receiving their goods.  Drones present an opportunity for better delivery. Delivering customers the goods they want, exactly when they want it; drones create a direct link from your store to their door. Around the world, delivery drones have already changed the experience of last mile delivery for customers on three continents. During this conversation, you will see the future of where retail delivery demand meets small package transportation, with an inside look at drone tech in use for customers in the major US metropolitan area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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