Fueling fulfillment: American Eagle Outfitters’ quiet platform levels the playing field for smaller retailers

January 15
2:00 pm2:30 pm
Javits North Level 4, Elastic Path Stage
A challenging goal for any retailer, increasing speed, efficiency and sustainability while reducing cost, time and waste remains elusive for many smaller enterprises. President, Quiet Platforms (a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEO, Inc.) Shekar Natarjan, will share his insights about creating an open-source supply chain platform to help simplify retailers’ logistics and delivery networks. Join this conversation to hear perspectives from Shekar and retailer partners on managing performance at the shipment level, and ensuring the best decision is made for each parcel to be shipped, based on delivery commitment, quality of service and delivery cost.
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Jon Gold

Jon Gold

Vice President, Supply Chain and Customs Policy
National Retail Federation