Fireside chat: Threats to retail marketing and advertising from the current political and legislative landscape

January 13
3:00 pm3:40 pm
Javits North, Level 4
Retail loyalty marketing programs are at the core of RMN's growth. Consumers join them because they see value in targeted offers. But loyalty programs are under attack by consumer groups who argue that consumers shouldn't have to provide their personal data in order to get a discount with their loyalty points. While retailers are innovating, legislators are still confused about the bigger issues involved. Join Paul Martino, vice president and senior policy counsel at the National Retail Federation and Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, in a discussion centering on NRF's efforts on behalf of retailers and shoppers to push for more consistent, shopper friendly, and industry-supporting data privacy regulation as it applies to retailers' in-store and digital services.

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Paul Martino

Paul Martino

VP and Senior Policy Counsel
National Retail Federation