Failure to scale: The state of personalization in retail produced by Adobe

January 18
10:15 am11:00 am
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3
Customer loyalty is a non-negotiable for the success and profitability of the modern retailer. And with over 77% of US internet users saying they want personalized experiences from the brands they feel loyal, so is personalization. Yet despite this demand, retailers continue to fall short on delivering their personalization promises. Adobe commissioned Incisiv Research to uncover what exactly is holding retailers back from executing personalization at scale, as well as identify key components of those leading in the field. Join this session to discover cutting edge findings from the research, “Failure to Scale: The State of Personalization in Retail.” Learn about differences in personalization efforts across the global landscape, how retail sub-industries compare to one another, and how you can ultimately improve your personalization strategy for scalable success.

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