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Expo Tours

Monday, January 13
1C 02, Level 1
Expo Tours

Open to Retailers only. Separate registration required.

EXPO Tours can be purchased when you register for NRF 2020 or through the dashboard after registration has been completed.

NRF, in partnership with CIM Tours, is providing four unique Expo Tour experiences. Each curated, two-hour tour will visit exhibitors recognized for delivering the latest in retail technology across multiple business disciplines.

Artificial Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence is taking retail to a new level and changing the way we shop. Learn how retailers are using advanced AI with first-party data, real-time AI-based recommendations, AI-enabled decision platforms, customer driven AI insights and much more!

Customer Experience | Customer experience today is driving the success of brick & mortar. Retailers are using smart sales associate tools to enhance the shopping experience, reduce check-out friction, streamline internal communications, and collect real-time customer feedback. Cutting-edge smart signage, RFID and 5G are making the retail environment more responsive and interactive. Meet the companies enhancing the customer journey and winning in retail today.

Digital Experience & Ecommerce | Creating digital experiences that matter to consumers drives results. As digital continues to permeate the retail landscape, today’s shoppers are demanding less payment friction and a quicker shopping experience. Learn how retail leaders are using digital in every aspect of the customer journey to drive results.
Future & In-store Tech | See the newest technology trends and breakthrough products in retail today. Learn how AR/VR can engage shoppers, how technology is enhancing the shopping experience, and how click and collect reduces friction and satisfies customers. Attendees will visit companies focused on innovation and get a sneak peek at technology powering the future of retail.

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