Expo tours

January 17
10:00 am12:00 pm
Separate registration and additional fee required. Retailers only.

Expo Tours can be purchased when you register for NRF 2023 or through the dashboard (see Add-on Experiences) after registration has been completed.

Looking for specific products to enhance your business? Take advantage of curated, expert-led Expo Tours developed for retailers. Tours showcase exhibitors on the cutting edge of technology and maximize networking with fellow retailers. Each curated, two-hour tour is a guided walking journey that visits up to eight companies in the Expo.

AI, Computer Vision, Predictive Behaviors
This tour focuses on market-leading technologies that assist retailers in connecting consumer insights with operations and demand. Visit companies with smart recommendation engines that provide real time insights, automate processes, augment human labor, predict demand, and use these practices to increase overall productivity and revenue.

E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Analytics
This tour focuses on companies leading technology that drives revenue and engagement in e-commerce. You will learn about cutting-edge technology that engages consumers early in the purchase funnel, from the awareness phase all the way to loyalty and fulfillment.

Food Service Tech
There has always been overlap within food and beverage and retail, but the technology that intersects both industries is crucial to bringing success to all. This tour will focus on the crossover areas, including front and back of house technologies, robotics, AI, food safety, sustainability, and supply chain. Participants will meet with technology companies providing streamlining efficiencies and innovative solutions in the food and beverage industry.

Future Tech: Optimizing the Metaverse with AR, VR, Voice, Holograms and Live Streaming
This tour will explore the revenue drivers, marketplaces, and engagement tools for optimizing the metaverse with AR, VR, voice, holograms, and livestreaming. Get a look at the roadmap for innovation in technologies important to your business in the next five years. Visit companies that focus on technologies to improve both operations and the customer journey.

In Store Engagement: Training, Talent Development, Customer Service
On this tour you will learn the tools and innovations enabling retailers to acquire key in-store talent and encourage employee success. Visit companies that support in-store engagement which is the most important factor in retail success today. The tour is designed to accelerate and enhance your understanding of the latest technologies and trends driving the human connection.

All tours will depart from the Expo Tour room on level 1 of the Javits.

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