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Ethical enlightenment in retail -- it's all about the stakeholders

Tuesday, January 14
Shyft Stage, Level 4
Ethical enlightenment in retail -- it's all about the stakeholders

How do organizations stay relevant to their stakeholders in an age of rapid change? Can traditional business structures and strategies provide the ability to innovate, react and, better anticipate stakeholder interests? This session explores how purpose-driven business models can provide the impetus to drive change, while achieving commercial, environmental and ethical goals.  

The Body Shop’s CEO David Boynton discusses the ‘profits with principles’ model and outlines the brand’s reconnection with its roots since being acquired by Brazil’s Natura&Co in 2017. No retail company is better positioned to discuss the commercial and cultural benefits of operating with an ethical vision, purpose and values, putting stakeholders, not shareholders, first.  

Adelante Shoe Co.’s founder and CEO Peter Sacco will share his learnings from an ethical start-up perspective. Like Body Shop, Adelante is determined to do business differently. The company crafts exceptional, made-to-order leather shoes in Guatemala, and delivers them direct to the customer's door in 10 business days. Unlike other brands, Adelante has built its cost structure from a baseline of paying craftsmen enough to live well in their communities. “Our objective is shared value creation rather than profit maximization,” says Sacco. 

What’s the secret to doing well, but also doing good? Are investors genuinely ready for this… and how can ethical values be embedded across an organization?  

Eduardo Yamashita
Managing Partner and COO
Grupo GS& - Gouvêa de Souza
David Boynton
Chief Executive
The Body Shop Ltd.
Marcos Gouvêa de Souza
General Director
Grupo GS& - Gouvêa de Souza
Peter Sacco
Founder and CEO
Adelante Shoe Co.