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Enhancing customer convenience: Rapid-fire pitches

Monday, January 14
Innovation Stage, Level 4
Enhancing customer convenience: Rapid-fire pitches
Advances in retail technology have enabled consumers to shop for anything, anywhere, at any time, forcing retailers to rapidly adapt in order to provide a seamless and smart customer experience. In part two of the Innovation Lab pitch sessions, we asked five early-stage startups to discuss the tech tools they’ve created to make it easier for consumers to interact with brands and retailers, and deliver what’s been called the new loyalty program, “convenience”.
Seth Webb
Managing Director
Tusk Ventures
Erhan Ark
Founder and CEO
Pick ’n’ Watch™
Mike Futch
Tompkins Robotics
Al Gerrie
Co-Founder and CEO
ZigZag Global
Mike Oitzman
VP, Product
IceCream Labs Inc
Sara Whiffen
Founder and CEO