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Digital identity driven consumer experience

Wednesday, January 16
Marriott Marquis, 5th Fl, Westside Ballroom, Salon 1
Digital identity driven consumer experience

Today’s consumer businesses are innovating at a rapid pace to maximize the value of their data. Virtually any device is ‘connected’ and almost every consumer experience can be or is ‘digital’, resulting in an exponential increase in data available for analytics, artificial intelligence, and at the end of the day, monetization.  While this innovation oftentimes can lead to significant financial, operational and brand benefits, it unfortunately also comes with an equally substantial increase in data risk that is oftentimes not well understood and mitigated.

This session will demonstrate how consumer identity, privacy and consent management technology can help businesses not only address regulations like GDPR and CCPA, but also put more choice and control into the hands of the consumer—ultimately building trusted relationships necessary for successful digital transformation.

Alex Bolante
Managing Director & Consumer Identity Management Leader
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Louis Dennig
Counsel/Director, Global Privacy & Data Security