Decoding the future with Mitch Joel

January 17
11:15 am11:45 am
Javits North, Level 4, Room 406, Riskified Stage
Ecommerce has soared to close to 50 percent of sales in the past 18 months. Where will it land in 2022 and beyond? Does that matter? Probably not. Compressed timeframes are the new reality: during the short span of a few months, consumers' behavior fundamentally shifted. Retailers are now forced to think less about the "experience" and more about how to get consumers to transact. Direct-to-consumer and pure ecommerce players are now forced to think about not just getting consumers to buy, but how to build a better shopping experience. Digital expert and one of North America’s leading visionaries, Mitch Joel will share how to rethink consumers' commonly held beliefs about what works in commerce today, and how to decode the future by seeing what's coming next. Hear Mitch fill in the gaps and help build your business today for tomorrow.