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Company conscience: Leading with conviction

Sunday, January 13
Qualtrics Theatre, Level 1
Company conscience: Leading with conviction
As the adage goes, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". With strong leadership tied closely to a company's culture, some of the retail industry's top CEOs have been hailed for stewarding their respective organization's successful evolution in a fast-moving, often dynamic, and at times harsh marketplace. In successive fireside chats, hear top retail leaders - Dick's Sporting Goods' Ed Stack, Best Buy's Hubert Joly, and Levi's Chip Bergh - describe their leadership principles and perspectives, long-term vision, and insights on building a strong company culture, while leading from within and with conviction. 
Matthew Shay
President and CEO
National Retail Federation
Chip Bergh
President and CEO
Levi Strauss & Co.
Hubert Joly
Chairman and CEO
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Edward W. Stack
Chairman and CEO
Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.