Closing the loop: Reddit and R/GA discuss commerce, community and the consumer now and in Web 3.0

January 17
1:15 pm1:45 pm
Javits North Level 4, Elastic Path Stage

In a time when we are told to “go to where the consumer is”  retailers and brands are challenged to keep up with the consumer – they keep moving (and hiding!). These giants of Connecting with Consumers unequivocally know where they are and even know where they are going, including Web 3.0. So what does that mean for brands and retailers? Well, it’s time to close the loop and connect the dots between industries and explore communities and experiences. Join us for a conversation focused on connecting to the consumer, community the consumer demands, and where to find them today and in the future\\ Web 3.0. As retailers and brands decide if Metaverse and Web 3.0 should be on their roadmap, as they plan their breakthrough strategies, they will leave the panel with learnings to help them decide.