CEO Fireside with Fortune and Reformation: How the $350M cult favorite brand is staying ahead 15 years in

January 16
11:20 am11:50 am
Javits North, Level 4, Rithum Stage
Join Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune senior writer and co-chair of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summits in conversation with Hali Borenstein, CEO of Reformation. Hear how innovation in retail technology is helping the $350 million cult favorite brand stay ahead of the pack, 15 years into its run, as they scale from its “adolescent” phase. Borenstein will additionally discuss 2024 business priorities, including a focus on the core (i.e. making great product), fast supply chain and data informed manufacturing, tech that’s moving the needle, and continuing to nurture the brand as they grow - all while maintaining its commitment to sustainability.