Bringing innovation to multi-centennial brands: A conversation with LVMH Inc. Chairman and CEO Anish Melwani

January 17
8:00 am8:45 am
Javits North, Level 5, SAP Theatre
With a portfolio of over 75 iconic houses spanning all luxury sectors, LVMH is renowned for its ability to nurture the appeal of legacy brands. Through creativity and a commitment to excellence, the Group seeks to ensure they remain relevant and desirable over the long-term. In this fireside chat, LVMH Inc. Chairman and CEO Anish Melwani will share how the right mix of heritage and innovation makes the world’s most beloved luxury houses continue to shine in the 21st century. Hear how the Group encourages its brands to combine cutting-edge technology and centuries-old craftsmanship techniques to develop sustainable products that enchant consumers across geographies and generations.