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Bringing bricks to life: LEGO knows the child in all of us

Sunday, January 12
Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1
Bringing bricks to life: LEGO knows the child in all of us

Retail's digital transformation is wondrous in many respects, but on the downside a thirst for convenience can reduce the shopper experience down to uninspiring levels of functionality.

There is a risk that by not finding the balance shoppers will lose any connection to the brand, particularly when visiting a physical store to find there are no 'memorable moments.'

At the LEGO® Stores we leverage new digital technologies as a layer that will enhance the brick and mortar store visit with stronger fun and creative experiences. We create memorable moments that bring our brand and products to life, including personalization as a unique experience for our brand fans. For instance, within minutes shoppers can create their own LEGO Mini figures or even their own personalized portrait built with 2,304 LEGO bricks.

This session celebrates what becomes possible when a powerful global brand, the latest digital tools and the human imagination combine to create something very special in store.

Lauren Thomas
Retail Reporter
Martin Urrutia Islas
Head Global Retail Innovation
The Lego Group