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Brick-and-mortar 2.0: Making every customer count

Sunday, January 12
The FQ Lounge, Expo, Level 1, back of 1100 aisle
Brick-and-mortar 2.0: Making every customer count
Online shopping has fundamentally changed the rules of retail. But, one rule that will never change is that the customer always comes first. Real brick-and-mortar stores provide the opportunity to deepen the customer’s relationship with a brand. Hear how leaders in the industry are focusing on the physical shopping experience to engage a wider audience.   

The FQ Lounge is open to NRF members, all retailers, and members of the press. Please note that all attendees must have a conference badge. 
Kirsten Kuhlmann
President and CEO
Cliff Consulting
Andrea Fasulo
Global Head of Retail Marketing
Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products
JoAnn Martin
VP, Industry Strategy and Market Development
JDA Software
Parinda Muley
VP, Innovation and Business Development