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Beyond the buzz: State of retail 2019

Monday, January 14
Qualtrics Theatre, Level 1
Beyond the buzz: State of retail 2019

Outspoken L2 Founder (now Gartner L2) and Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, Scott Galloway, takes the pulse of the retail industry like no other. Known for identifying "Winners and Losers,” Galloway uses data-driven insights to make predictions about the future of retail and e-commerce. Last year, Galloway predicted that Amazon would acquire Whole Foods just prior to the deal's announcement. Hear Galloway close Monday's program with a birds-eye preview of the state of retail and ecommerce in 2019, and what the growing supremacy of Big Tech's power players means for everyone else.

Overflow seating available in Hall E, Level 1.

Scott Galloway
L2 Inc, now Gartner L2