AI at the edge in retail: How to harness data for a seamless customer experience

January 16
11:30 am12:30 pm
Expo, Level 3, Expo Stage 3
The impact AI is having on the retail industry is undeniable, and retailers are faced with the unique challenge of harnessing data analytics to optimize the customer experience. With broad networks of physical stores and growing e-commerce environments, retailers are faced with unique infrastructure solution requirements. Remote management capability, continuous insight into operations, customer behavior analysis, and data privacy are all paramount. Join us to learn how retailers are leveraging anonymous customer data and modern infrastructure solutions to optimize business operations.
Dustin Ares

Dustin Ares

Product General Manager, Video Analytics, AI & Incubation
Sensormatic Solutions
Kristen Call

Kristen Call

Sr. Industry Advisor - Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Banking

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