StorMagic ARQvault

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StorMagic ARQvault is the first Active Intelligent Repository and gathers data anywhere, stores it forever, and finds it fast.

StorMagic ARQvault is the industry’s first Active Intelligent Repository. It enables customers to gather data from anywhere, store it forever, and find it fast. It allows businesses to save at least 50% on storage, by automatically moving data to any type of storage, anywhere. 


ARQvault is incredibly flexible, enabling customers to ingest digital assets from any source, using any server, and any storage. It can also easily scale, to support one to thousands of sites, and allows vaults to be added at any time, anywhere. Leveraging automated tiering, ARQvault allows customers to optimize their performance and storage costs, and also preserves data integrity through multiple layers of protection. Data is always available and easy to find with ARQvault, thanks to its use of rich metadata and intelligent search. It supports video surveillance, digital evidence management, and media and entertainment use cases, with unique solutions consisting of ARQvault and multiple specialized modules.