Smart Size Chart

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The Smart Size Chart allows apparel brands to use our best-in-class Virtual Tailor technology in combination with existing size charts or tech pack data to provide detailed size recommendations to shoppers.

With the Smart Size Chart, shoppers have the opportunity to compare sizes and understand what size fits the way they want, matching their own unique fit preference, no measuring tape or checking size charts required. Setting up the Smart Size Chart is easy - copy and paste a snippet of code and immediately begin providing your customers with a best-in-class sizing solution.

The recently launched next generation AI-powered Smart Size Chart includes Smart Inventory™ to leverage real-time data and generate actionable insights to help brands address dynamic supply chain issues in today's challenging apparel retail environment. Building on its popular virtual try-on experience, the updated Smart Size Chart now includes inventory data to show online shoppers which sizes are out-of-stock while simultaneously giving size options based on real-time stock availability and features an updated modern look with customizable elements to deliver a complete on-brand experience for shoppers.