SMART CART - Smart Shopping Cart

product image
Capacity 150 Liters / 100 kg
5 verification cameras with artificial intelligence
16 hour battery life
10.1 inch monitor
Standard 1D and 2D GS1
Weight 42kg

Smart Cart

Smart Cart Nextop™, the first smart cart in Brazil and Latin America.

With the smart cart, a new shopping experience is possible, with freedom and agility.

Smart Cart is the biggest retail innovation, which puts technology in favor of purchases, providing control of purchases from start to finish.

The smart cart contains non-stop protection, through triple validation (bar code, product recognition and product weight) we guarantee loss prevention.

Bring innovation to your business and be one step ahead towards the future.

A new way to buy:

You are in control of time and purchases, with Smart Cart Nextop™, you choose products, beep and pay, all in the cart itself.


Benefits of the SmartCart

✔ Innovative supermarkets sell 20% more

✔ Loss prevention

✔ Triple validation

✔ Freedom and agility

✔ New self checkout with artificial intelligence

✔ No queues and friction