SASSIE is a mystery shopping/auditing software solution that makes it seamless to set up and manage projects of all sizes. SASSIE has been a leader in the mystery shopping/auditing industry for over 20 years and is designed for use in any country.
SASSIE is an end-to-end mystery software solution for mystery shopping, auditing, and market research companies of all sizes.  The system is designed for each company we have partnered with to manage the entire process in terms of setting up forms/questionnaires, managing client hierarchy structures, and setting up configurable reporting through our Dragon reporting dashcoard.  All of this can be done while also mainting complete control of their own shopper/auditor database.  By owning and controling their own shopper/auditor database, it allows for specific requirements and recruting for each individual project.  Once a mystery shop or audit has been completed, SASSIE also allows for a complete quality control review before the final report is released to the end client.