PrestoShopper is a global mobile technology that connects a panel of over 2 million users to complete mystery shops, audits, surveys, and crowdsourced feedback. Mystery shopping and market research companies alike reap the benefits of this powerful tool.

PrestoShopper is a unique mystery shopping, auditing and customer crowdsourcing technology that can be used by companies around the world.  They can quickly collect actionable insights and feedback on the performance of their business down to each individual location. 

For mystery shopping and auditing specifically, PrestoShopper gives you the ability to tap into a global database of over 2 million users to help lower shopper/auditor recruiting and data acquisition costs.  Which in turn allows for a higher rate of shop/audit completions.  Another benefit that directly relates to the mystery shopping or auditing company using PrestoShopper is that LiveShopper SASSIE manages the entire shopper/auditor payment process.  

PrestoShopper can also be used as a crowdsourcing software to collect direct customer feedback through LiveShops.  These are typically shorter and quicker surveys/tasks being completed by the customer in the moment of their interaction at the participating location.  One difference with this method of data collection is the fact that each customer can be incentivized with a reward tied to the specific brand they are evaluating.

All results, no matter if they are a mystery shop, an audit, or a LiveShop are viewable within our configurable Dragon reporting dashboard.