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MT500L Wireless Ring Scanner

With built-in Bluetooth® 4.1 technology, MT500L wireless ring scanner can send data to 10 meters away. This wearable barcode scanner enables hands-free scanning for mobile operators who work with any mobile devices with iOS®, Android® and Windows®.
Product detail: 

The rapid growth of logistics and warehouse management are driving demand for mobile scanning solutions to achieve higher productivity. Marson MT500L wireless ring scanner is designed to fulfill the needs of these markets, making it an indispensible gadget for mobile operators.

The MT500L wireless ring barcode scanner, with the size of L46 x W29 x H27 mm and weight 20.5 gram, is the smallest and lightest wireless ring barcode scanner on the market. Light body and touch-activated scan button make MT500L be comfortable to wear and operate for long periods of time, and provide the user freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks quickly and dexterously, while keeping both hands free. Built with a class 1 laser aimer inside and Marson smart decoder algorithm, MT500L operates at a maximum speed of 400 scans per second and easily read barcodes on paper surface as well as LCD screen in various environments.

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