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Logility Voyager Allocation

Manages fashion replenishment and integrated allocations to dynamically react, adapt and take action based on customer demand, product assortments and sales trends
Product detail: 

When it's time to make critical decisions about where to position merchandise, you need the ability to act, react and adapt based on actual customer demand and current market trends. Logility Voyager Allocation™ uses flexible rules and automated workflows to position hardline and softline merchandise to optimally serve consumer demand and accelerate inventory turns. While ensuring product availability and high customer service, you can efficiently manage inventory positions and strategically direct inventory to channels and locations that best serve forecasted customer demand. Flexible rules and workflows automate forecasting, allocation and replenishment processes, as well as performing comprehensive size optimizations.

Voyager Allocation optimizes inventory placement and replenishment, letting you:

  • Set up omni-channel allocations spanning stores, outlets, ecommerce and more

  • Leverage algorithmic planning to automate allocations at the store and group level

  • Accelerate bulk and pre-pack merchandise allocation to specific stores with flexible pre-pack rules

  • Update store sales and stock forecasts dynamically

  • Allocate based on percent need analysis for initial allocations

  • Support capacity constrained locations with virtual warehouse reserves

  • Increase inventory turns and reduce markdowns

  • Reduce store-to-store and DC-to-DC transfers