INCITE® provides a turnkey solution that enables communications and training to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment.

Client interviews:

David Yurman's Ashlyn Shawah

Steve Madden's Noura Shehabledin

Ardene's Fil D'Urbano and Marie-Laurence Godon

Brooks Brothers' Marcus Sberna

Ensure the frontline is prepared with the skills and information that impact customers. Give leaders visibility to results through real-time data, so they ensure participation and consistency throughout your organization.

Publishing and Authoring Capabilities
An intuitive drag-and-drop publishing tool allows the creation of interactive and media-rich content, no programming skills needed.

Designed to Inspire Participation
A highly-branded interface engages individuals through every interaction, inspiring them to participate, because they deserve more than just a logo.

Actionable Data
Live data allows leaders to ensure the front-line is set up for success.

Multilingual Platform
Broadcast messages globally across all locations and allow local stakeholders the ability to publish specific communications and training that resonate.