Conversational Discovery AI

AI engagement solution to protect and grow revenue.

• Deliver a highly engaging, two-way customer experience
• Discover real time insights to drive action
• Dynamically decide on the next-best-step
• Deliver a closed-loop experience

Unlike most other AI solutions, Curious Thing's Conversational Discovery AI is built to proactively conduct open-context conversarions with humans and discover deeper insights from them.

  • Discovery: AI that asks open-ended 'why' and 'how' questions, understands the answers and converts them into insights ready for decision making.
  • Multichannel coordination: Intelligently detect call responses. Leave a voicemail, send a dynamic SMS, answer returned calls, and more.
  • Scalability: Technology designed to be resilient and proved to work with 250,000+ phone calls per day.
  • Time to impact: 10-15 days to deploy, with only 2-5 hours of the customer's time needed.