AI-Pricing Platform

The Platform with its' suite of AI-pricing optimization and enrichment modules allows retailers to automate their pricing strategies and move from manual pricing to a smart, fully automated digital pricing infrastructure.

Our pricing platform, enables to achieve pricing excellence, at scale:

Quicklizard leads your journey to create a spreadsheet free pricing infrastructure, to increase pricing excellence

How it works?

Data from multiple data sources including the product catalogue (ERP or any other backend operational system)  is fed into the platform using our unique set of API’s.   

Data is then processed through the pricing engine using the customer’s unique pricing strategies, set in the platform.
Once a pricing recommendation is updated back to the backend system to be delivered across all sales channels.

The Platform allows flexible setting of pricing strategies based on the customer's own business goals.
The Platform offers full operational, management & audit capabilities through the process.

Core capabilities:


The QL platform can integrate with any back end system through the QL REST API or using SFTP Files. The customer product structure as designed in the ERP System will be carried over to the QL Pricing engine and will be enhanced and fed back to the ERP as needed.

Rule Based Pricing Optimization:

QL allows customers to define and implement hundreds of predefined rules and constraints to limit pricing flexibility based on their overall strategy and approach.

Open Platform pricing Optimization: 

QL allows customers to use Python to define rules & strategies based on custom functions and deploying self-developed AI to price optimization.  QL opened the platform to our customers so they can build (in Python) any pricing logic, pricing rules or custom AI pricing. This data will remain proprietary data of the client.

AI/ML Pricing Optimization:

The platform enables retailers to optimize their pricing based on proprietary AI algorithms built into the platform.  Using machine learning and reinforcement learning models our platform produces optimized pricing recommendations. The integration with the storefront is simple and intuitive, accompanied with full reporting and dashboards. 

Multi Channels/Omni Channels: 

QL supports Multi channel /Omni channel (across online/offline and geographies)that can be managed from the same log in. Pricing recommendations on one channel can affect pricing across channels . The omnichannel platform allows retailers to offer their customers the most accurate and optimized pricing experience, regardless of the sales channel or

Hybrid Model:
Designed to help retailers build, automate and optimize next generation multichannel pricing strategies Bring your own data science into the equation. Use Quicklizard's comprehensive set of APIs to enable your internal data science team to develop, train and test multiple pricing models, with full integration to all platform capabilities