Tellermate's Forward Forecasting Alleviates Supply Chain Issues

It's common knowledge at this point that global supply chains are struggling to keep up with demand. Retailers are struggling to keep shelves stocked, restaurants are struggling to get food delivered to serve their patrons, and good luck buying a new car or computer!

If you ask anyone in the know, this has been a long time coming. Federal regulation on truck drivers, combined with market pressures driving salaries down to unnattractive levels has led to the shortage of haulers, even before the pandemic. After scaling back operations during the pandemic, scaling back up in such a short space of time is proving to be quite the challenge.

The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that have been able to service all of our customers consistently throughout the last 18 months while the supply chain has been pressured. To date, we've been able to continue operating with minimal impact to lead times, but a string of significant orders and long lead-times on certain electrical components has put this under strain. Having worked with our legacy client base and our strong forecast for 2022 and beyond, although lead times are now stretched, we can say with confidence that we won't have any issues meeting the growing needs of our customers. This has been made possible by the hard work of our operations team, and by our commitment to building all of our hardware in-house.

If you are having difficulties with your current supplier of cash counting equipment, get in touch to see how we can help.