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United Kingdom

Zynstra enables retailers to deliver superior customer and employee experiences through faster innovation and radically reduces cost to serve in-store. Purpose built for the edge, our powerful software optimizes existing store technology and enables digital transformation. Zynstra virtualizes back and front office store technology, with intelligent automation to deliver software defined stores.

Retail stores have a complex collection of legacy IT systems that have built up over time. With each device running its own software across multiple stores downtime is common and maintenance becomes expensive, not to mention a barrier to innovation. By decoupling your EXISTING hardware from the software, Zynstra frees up the ability to run multiple workloads across any device in store – delivering maximum flexibility and enabling digital transformation of your store.


Zynstra Virtualized POS

Virtualized POS virtualizes your existing POS application onto a centrally managed server. By removing the POS application from the register retailers can run the latest software on old POS hardware, ensuring they get maximum ROI from store technology.