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Ydistri disrupts the way how the supply chain and inventory management works nowadays.

We came up with an Intelligent Rebalancing Platform to help retailers increase margins, revenues, and inventory turnover by eliminating dead stock, overstock, and out-of-stock.

Our solution provides brick and mortar stores the capability to effectively compete with e-commerce giants, by identifying problematic stock in one location, analyzing the network potential, and directing consolidated redistribution shipments elsewhere in the network.

All powered by intelligent algorithms and stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Press Releases

Roland Džogan (Ydistri): Retail in 2022 will be about flexibility and automated inventory management, even the smallest must arm themselves with technology

The past year has been marked mainly by the covid-19 pandemic, which has affected all industries. However, one of the areas most affected by the pandemic was undoubtedly international trade. We have seen a sharp decline in global production, the whole world has faced supply chain problems unlike anything it has ever had to face in modern history, and as a result, there has been a significant imbalance in the market between demand and supply of goods.

Traders are struggling with the unavailability of goods and losing profits. Often they are unaware of their stocks.

Shortages in supply chains are a growing problem that affects more and more industries worldwide. Traders are having great difficulty in making certain goods available and are losing profits because they cannot meet demand. However, the problem can be solved quite well in some cases with modern technology, led by smart redistribution. Retail chains often have stock - just not in the right store and are unable to relocate it.


Ydistri Intelligent Rebalancing Platform

Our solution brings a new level of inventory optimization to retailers, beyond the capability of existing replenishment systems. The results are improved in-store performance, customer satisfaction, and a decrease in environmentally unfriendly waste.