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XY Retail


XY Retail
Booth # 210
New York, NY
United States

XY Retail transforms the way retail organizations use data to solve some of their most difficult problems. Mid- to large brands and retailers use XY to manage their business globally in real-time and create ground-breaking omnichannel experiences. 


Unlike most retail platform solutions in the market, XY is an enterprise-grade, GDPR-ready, open platform. Built from the ground up with customer experience in mind, the platform supports the flexibility and scalability essential to retailers and boundless customization. The XY unified cloud platform provides a unified view of all data sources across products, customers, channels, inventory, and more. This gives brands the freedom, flexibility and agility to seamlessly expand and be where their customers are, across any channel and on any device. 


With features like 1:1 experiential commerce, AI-driven pricing and margin management, loyalty program management, omnichannel order fulfillment and demand forecasting, XY delivers on the potential of omnichannel without the nightmares of integration.