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What’s your plan for the frontline? 

WorkJam is the only mobile platform able to deliver in a single app: real-time communications, task management, learning management, shift management, and operations planning with analytics reporting. 

Available in over 40 languages and countries, WorkJam streamlines your operations to drive a consistent customer experience, while improving the employee experience.  

Technology research firm Forrester recently determined that our Digital Workplace delivers on average 410% ROI per customer.  

WorkJam’s proven expertise provides improved operational agility, continuity and auditable compliance that lowers absenteeism and attrition rates by providing your management more control and capability all the way down to the frontline associate. Your workforce also wins with better work-life balance, as well as growth through learning development, improved acumen, and economic well-being via the optional ExpressPay.    

WorkJam delivers Workforce Orchestration.