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WorkJam’s mission is to revolutionize the way HQs and their frontline work together.

As the world leader in the digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines two-way communication, task management, learning, scheduling tools and more to drive efficiencies and productivity.

Available in over 45 languages, WorkJam turns workflow chaos into workforce orchestration®.

HQs love it for its ROI (a whopping 410%) and employees love it because it puts workplace competencies right into their hands. If we want a happier frontline, we need to support them as individuals with upskilling, shift scheduling, and processes – all on one app.



Task Management

Ditch the clipboard and achieve operational excellence with WorkJam’s digitized task module. Managers can streamline workloads with a quick and easy way to assign and monitor tasks to the frontline – either by shift, teams, or to individuals.

Two-Way Communication

Connect your frontline through WorkJam’s communication module that provides true two-way communication that empowers your frontline. Customize your comms channels to control who sees what content and allow your team to focus on what matters.


Consolidate systems and promote employee flexibility through WorkJam’s scheduling solution. Improve retention and satisfaction by giving your frontline the tools to take ownership of their schedule via the ability to pick up, trade, or drop shifts.


Connect and inspire your workforce with WorkJam’s Training module. Transform how learning works at your organization by providing courses, files, and videos in a format that is easy to use. Plus, gain visibility into your programs with advanced insights.


Revolutionize the way you manage your frontline with the world’s leading digital frontline workplace. In one app, connect your frontline by combining the four essential frontline solutions: communication, training, scheduling, and tasks.