Booth # 89

Nayax is proud to present the Weezmo platform, which offers retailers a unique, AI-based marketing solution using interactive, digital receipts. 

Weezmo allows you to identify your in-store customers and engage with them online, post-purchase, revealing the full picture of your marketing ROI. Our omni-channel marketing platform uses AI to connect in-store data from your POS with your online marketing activities and analytics, enabling you to increase engagement, maximize conversions, grow revenue, and see more returning customers. 

  • Turns receipts into a powerful customer touchpoint using interactive designs and AI-based NBO recommendations.
  • Transforms multiple sources of data into actionable insights on customer buying habits (online & offline), without the need of a loyalty program.
  • Reveals the online-to-offline customer journey to accurately calculate the true ROAS.
  • Uses POS-based in-store data to retarget customers and reach new customers via lookalike audiences.
  • Uses Customer Retention and RFM analysis, enabling retailers to target their customers with the most relevant content at the right time