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Wasteless helps food retailers slash food waste and boost the bottom line, by optimizing markdowns of perishable products. AI finds the optimal price point, that will be automatically applied, if and when an item with a shorter expiration date is likely to expire on the shelf.

Shrink is the single costliest inefficiency in grocery retail. Retailers have the solution lying on their own shelves: selling food that would otherwise be wasted lifts results in an unsurpassed way. Acting upon Freshness Sensitivity is key to rewarding customers for sustainable consumption behavior, as they’re incentivized to buy a product with a shorter expiration date rather than the item with a longer shelf life.


Wasteless Store

Store eliminates the pain of costly inefficient markdowns. You can easily prove the value, in your own environment, of the patented AI-powered solution for profitable and sustainable supermarkets with zero IT integration required.