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RealCADENCE™ is designed to give all levels of management a magnifying glass into operating status from the top down, from corporate to location and everything between. RealCADENCE™ is an app-based software that will transform the way your enterprise communicates, collaborates, and operates.

You'll gain confidence deploying your strategies by having your teams receive simple instructions, manuals, and training resources with multi-threaded communication for supporting task/action completions. RealCADENCE™ supports Checklists, Forms, Audits, Surveys, Photos, Video, and more with dynamic data escalations.

RealCADENCE™ gives management workflows and analytics for both interacting and fast reference for real-time status of your Teams. RealCADENCE™ pushes workflows and reports directly to you, allowing you to drive your business without looking in the rearview mirror. RealCADENCE™ delivers intuitive analytics, interactive reporting, and a variety of custom reporting.