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Vispera offers Image Recognition-based execution, tracking, and analytics solutions to the retail industry, enabling you to radically improve your operations and understanding, significantly increasing revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction, and reducing costs and labor requirements. With Vispera's AI-based and patented computer vision solutions we transform retail images from all channels into actionable data and insights. The technologies developed by our team with more than 100 human years of academic and industrial experience in machine vision and data mining are evaluated by Gartner as among the most important technologies for the future of retail.

We are guided by 5 essential values: we listen to our customers and to our colleagues; we stand on our integrity, doing what we say and saying what we will do; we plan, create, test, and adapt in a continuous loop to deliver solutions with unparalleled performance; we value scientific rigor and expertise as the most reliable way to bring concrete, effective, and efficient answers to your business challenges and opportunities; and we think deeply and act quickly, always agile, never hasty. 

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Vispera Shelfsight

Vispera Shelfsight is an In-Store Fixed-camera AI-based Image Recognition for OOS prevention and shelf intelligence solution. Shelfsight provides real-time key retail execution metrics with 96%+ accuracy.
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Vispera Storesense

Storesense is a mobile AI-based Image Recognition solution for retail execution and auditing, field team performance monitoring, and management.