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Verisk Retail


Verisk Retail
Verisk Retail
Booth # 2631
Bloomington, MN
United States
Turn Data into Insights and Insights into Results

Verisk Retail has a long history of working with and supporting retailers. As part of the world class analytics company, Verisk Analytics, we offer a breadth of products and value-added services, all tailored to meet your unique needs.

Leveraging our unique and proprietary data, we offer insights into your business to help you better understand your customer and your competition.  Only Verisk Retail can give you a true 360 degree view such as how much your customer is spending with you compared to your competition, or benchmarking your comp sales performance compared to your peers – even down to the zip code level! Our media partnerships allow you to benefit even further by linking Internet, TV, and radio activities to your customers’ shopping behaviors—you learn which marketing strategies truly motivate your customer.

Our solutions seamlessly combine disparate data sources within and outside of your organization. Leveraging sophisticated and intuitive data management, analysis and advanced data science capabilities,we help you to identify the trends in your business to facilitate fast and accurate responses. 

We turn data into insights and insights into results!