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Veesual AI
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Virtual Try-On for Real People.

Veesual is building the future of the fashion e-commerce experience. 

In this future we want fashion to be more inclusive, more representative of the diversity of the society.

We also want to help people project themselves into what they are buying in term of style and size. 

To achieve this mission, we leverage proprietary Generative AI based algorithms to develop a new kind of Virtual Try-On solutions. 

Where shoppers can choose a model they identify with, and style any outfit they like on that specific model.

It's a new way of navigating through an e-com website, and will become the new standard. 

It gives outstanding results: +25% in conversion, +15% in AOV, -30% in return.


Virtual Try-On for Real People

The future of the fashion e-commerce experience.
More inclusivity and more diversity with a Virtual Try-On experience where shoppers can style any outfit they like on models they identify with.