Booth # 61

Thanks to 20 years of experience with RFID solutions development for more than 50 brands, LAB ID has created URely, a cloud platform to unlock the of power connected products.

URely has been designed for innovative brands that wish to offer an excellent customer experience to connected consumers. By assigning a unique digital identity to items, the system tracks, stores and manages each step of a product life-cycle, enabling full transparency from manufacturing to markets.

Combining URely with our custom NFC tagging solutions allows every stakeholder, from the supply chain up to the consumer, to interact with a product, authenticate it and activate reverse logistics services to enable circularity.

To win today's market challenges, whether your focus on sustainability, favoring second-hand and recycling, or logistical efficiency, with a focus to return management, or omnichannel engagement strategies, URely is the perfect ally for your brand.