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Upshop has been building store operations technology for 30+ years to provide simplified, smarter, more connected SaaS-based solutions for retailers and associates. The technology of leading products FreshIQ®, ShopperKit, Date Check Pro, and Itasca Magic™ have synchronized to form a singular platform that delivers end-to-end visibility, increased sales, major waste reduction, and streamlined labor efficiencies. For more information, please visit

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Total DSD Management

Upshop DSD ensures vendor order-placing accuracy based on consumer demand, perpetual inventory, and merchandising standards—reaching 99.5% on-shelf availability.


Upshop Center solutions equip retailers with tools to eliminate unnecessary waste and deliver on the promise of quality center store.


Upshop eCommerce allows retailers to manage orders across multiple channels at scale, ensure 100% order accuracy, and enhance trusted retail brands through real-time customer communication.


Upshop Fresh provides the tools needed to effectively plan, analyze, and deliver on fresh—every day. Grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies, and remember: Fresh isn’t just produce. Fresh is the total perimeter.