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TruRating Inc.
TruRating Inc.
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Atlanta,, GA
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TruRating helps retailers hear from 80%+ of their customers in-the-moment by alternating survey questions at checkout. TruRating then combines payment-validated responses with transactional data, giving retailers visibility into how each area of their CX impacts customer spend, sentiment, and loyalty. With these real-time data insights, retailers can take action quickly and confidently.

Traditional survey methods only represent the voice of 1-2% of customers. The results are inaccurate and represent the “vocal minority” of your customers. Using micro-surveys delivered at the point of payment, TruRating makes feedback simple, delivering industry-leading response rates (80%+ in-store, 50%+ online). This data is presented in real-time to merchants via a dashboard or app, showing the connection between how a customer feels and what they bought, and how much they spent. This enables businesses to identify trends, test ideas, and learn based on feedback from actual customers.