TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud
TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud
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Bratislava, Slovakia
Slovak Republic

TRIFFT is a SaaS-based full-stack Loyalty Cloud solution for Retail, Services and Hospitality

By using TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud, marketers can launch loyalty and consumer club programs in 1-2 months, building on existing Loyalty Cloud elements:

  • Ready-made, flexible and customizable loyalty and consumer club mobile apps
  • Web-based Client Zone
  • Smart Cards for iOS and Android wallets
  • Content Cockpit - our one-stop-shop web-based administration
  • 3rd party integrations
  • All based on robust and secure, Azure-hosted TRIFFT Loyalty engine

Why waste resources on building own loyalty infrastructure? Work with TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud to:

  • Save money and time and reduce risk in set up phase
  • Take advantage of our loyalty expertise
  • Let us worry about keeping the solution running and secure
  • Manage everything related to the loyalty program from within Marketing deparment. Directly, instantly, without a need for IT support