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New York, NY
United States
Our product intelligence engine decodes and enriches retail industry data to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. As your personal data scientist, Trendalytics’ proprietary machine learning and image recognition technology superpowers clients with a 360° lens on consumer demand and market supply inflection points by classifying and translating data across social influencer buzz, online product searches, consumer shopping patterns, and SKU data into actionable merchandise insights. Our clients have increased sales, conversions, margins, and brand discoverability by incorporating Trendalytics insights into their workflows. Most recently, Trendalytics was named a top 10 finalist in Google’s Machine Learning competition as well as won Decoded Fashion’s startup competition “The FROW.”  Our clients include Fortune 500 retailers, global brands, manufacturers and e-commerce disruptors who outperform the market.
Products & Services Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence