TransactionTree, Inc.

TransactionTree, Inc.
Booth # 6825
Dunwoody, GA
United States

TransactionTree™ is a company that provides digital receipt solutions for the retail industry and other transaction-based enterprises. Its technology integrates into any point-of-sale platform and allows retailers to reduce costs, gather customer information, build brand awareness, and develop targeted marketing campaigns. TransactionTree's digital receipt solution can be customized to integrate with signature capture, loyalty, and customer relations management systems. It is designed to be easy to support and does not require additional installations or upgrades. The company's solutions include eReceipts, omnichannel communications, omnichannel marketing, social media integration, data marketing, a repository and web services, a customer data platform, and the ability to email any document to customers.


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CRM Marketing

CRM solution for SMBs & enterprises to manage and improve customer relationships. Features include contact management, sales tracking, pipeline management, automation, task management, marketing campaigns, customer support, and reporting & analytics.
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Customer Data Management

Organizations must handle large amounts of data from multiple sources. TransactionTree's CDP is flexible, adaptable, and scalable to meet changing data needs and provide consistent, personalized customer experiences.

Customer Insights and Analytics, Personalization

Our customer analytics service uses verification, data quality processing, and proprietary compilation efforts to provide accurate and comprehensive data. We identify common traits and behaviors to help you target marketing campaigns and increase returns.